RapidMiner Community Meeting And Conference - RCOMM 2011

"Wow, RCOMM 2010 is so much fun! The Rapid-i team has really done a great job of hosting this event and its amazing to hear how people are using Rapidminer to solve complex tasks to make everyday life better." (Thomas Ott, neuralmarkettrends.com)

Rapid-I and the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB Dublin) host the second RapidMiner Community Meeting And Conference (RCOMM 2011) and invites users and developers of RapidMiner to take part and share their RapidMiner experiences with other members of the community. The RCOMM 2011 intends to intensify the community life and strengthen the RapidMiner network by bringing together users and developers of RapidMiner from all backgrounds, may they be scientific or commercial, from the whole variety of applications and from all grades of knowledge. A vital exchange of ideas, application reports, and scientific results will help beginners to advance and will inspire the already advanced leading them to professionalism. Users will profit from in-depth knowledge of developers, who in turn will gain from picking up requirements and ideas for further development.


The RCOMM 2011 encompasses conference talks, in which invited lecturers will discuss aspects of state-of-the-art data mining with RapidMiner. A Call-for-Papers will be issued for those who would like to present their work in that scope. Workshops will be held to give participants a hands-on experience concerning several topics regarding RapidMiner usage. Additionally, attendees of the RCOMM 2011 will also have the option to participate in several courses given by professional RapidMiner consultants in the surrounding of the user meeting.